Counseling - The Value Is Your Well-Being

Originally posted February 3, 2017

Gary Direnfeld is a social worker in Ontario, Canada. He posted an article on the AAMFT website about the choice he made to spend $1500 on a year’s worth of training classes for his dog, Kugle. He wanted to take his dog into nursing homes and visit with the residents there. This is a worthwhile reason to invest in a pet. However, he was unsure how to train the dog himself.

He went on to write:
“We realized that the more we invested in him as a puppy and young dog, we would have a more manageable and well-mannered dog for the rest of his life. Although some have spent more, on average most people typically spend less on counseling with than we spent to be trained with our dog. However, people are often reluctant to attend counseling because of the cost.

I can only tell you that while no counselor is always helpful to everyone, we are helpful to most and I encourage you to consider counseling as an investment in yourself, your relationship, your family, your children. If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one or a relationship, please do seek help.

Value yourself and your relationship enough to figure out how to better manage or cope or get along or improve behavior. This is your investment in you.” (posted 1/19/2017)

I was struck by his words, and it led me to ponder, “If we can invest so much in training a beloved pet, what could possibly keep us from investing in a healthier and happier self, marriage, friendship or family?”

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